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Paramount Healthcare Group announces launch of Health 360 Ancillary Services Company, Bahrain

December 31st, 2013 Mumbai, India - Paramount Healthcare Group today announced official launch of Health 360 Ancillary Services Company to address healthcare needs of Bahrain. 

Sharing his views at the launch, Dr. Nayan Shah, Director, Paramount Healthcare Group said, "As a company of specialists, Health 360 provides hybrid healthcare solutions to achieve the best fit for each customer’s specific healthcare needs. The depth of our experience in managed care services — coupled with our robust medical support — makes us the partner of choice for global brands looking to strengthen their claims management services”. “Most other service providers are generalists, offering solutions for a broad audience, while significantly limiting the value they deliver to customers with unique needs.” 

Health 360 offers services ranging from Enrollment Management, Comprehensive Claims Management, Cashless Hospitalisation Benefits, Health Risk Assessment, e-Permanent Health Record, Pre-insurance Enrollment Check, and Value-added Health Packages, to name a few. 

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About Paramount Healthcare Group:
Paramount Healthcare Group is one of the leading global managed care service companies. It has decades of experience in dealing with a wide spectrum of industries and extensive industry knowledge, it is well placed to offer valuable insights and solutions tailored for various commercial segments of the economy. The company's robust provider network backed by dedicated team of medical experts provides unrivaled managed care services to customers across the globe. 

Gluten Free - Latest Food Fad >>

Recently many people have switched to a gluten-free diet to shed excess pounds. Gluten-free food was limited to organic food stores for years & has now become the latest dietary trend. Many restaurants now offer gluten-free menu.

Celiac patients cannot bear even smallest quantity of this protein called gluten as it is enough to cause trouble. Gluten activates an immune response that damages the lining of the small intestine. This causes problems in absorption of vital nutrients from food, & can cause various problems like bone problems, d nerve damage, and infertility to name a few.

Gluten sensitivity can create symptoms similar to celiac disease without the intestinal damage. Earlier celiac disease was diagnosed by elimination process. Today with advancement in medicine, it can be identified with a simple blood test for the presence of antibodies against a protein called tissue transglutaminase. A biopsy of the intestine confirms the diagnosis.

Avoiding gluten means more than just giving up on traditional baked items and alcoholic beverages. Gluten exists in many other products, including frozen foods, some foods made with “natural flavorings,” vitamin and mineral supplements, some medications, and even toothpaste. This makes adopting a gluten-free diet tremendously taxing.

Avoiding gluten completely can create some nutrition related deficiencies. Fortified food such cereals have become a good source of vitamin B. Alternatives like breads made with gluten-free flours are becoming more common, they are generally not fortified with vitamins. This can be a problem for anyone, especially for women who are pregnant or may become pregnant. They need vitamin B9, more commonly known as folic acid, to prevent birth defects.

Taking a gluten-free multivitamin, multi-mineral supplement is a good idea for anyone trying to avoid gluten. Consult a doctor before going gluten free. Once a person has avoided gluten for a while, it becomes difficult to envisage if a person has celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, or neither.